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Add On Features


Adding options to your new pool can be almost as much fun as deciding on the size and shape of your pool. Add-on options can make owning a pool more fun and a whole lot easier!!!


Automatic Cleaners



Automatic Cleaners are the number one option that Burton Pools sells. It can make pool ownership easy. There are dozens of models available and based on the size and shape of your pool.....we can make suggestions. Give us a call.




Pool Bar




Here's an idea for you -- a Pool Bar that works in vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools.





Fiber Optic Lighting



FIBERworks optic lighting puts breathtaking light, color, and style at your fingertips. FIBERworks pool/spa, perimeter, water feature, and landscape lighting products offer special features to enhance your entire pool experience.





Desert Rose Spa




For generations people have crossed the planet seeking healing, restoration and recreation from water. We have known for centuries that hydrotherapy is an amazing thing. Today, we can capture warmth and water movement in a well designed spa to create the perfect setting for you and your family.



Pool Fountain




Now EVERY POOL and SPA can be transformed instantly into a beautiful fountain to increase pool enjoyment during non-swimming hours.





Automatic Pool Covers



The newest safety cover system. The turn of a key slides the cover on or off the pool in less than a minute. Protects virtually any shape or size pool and can be used year round. The SECUR-A-MATIC® Automatic Safety Covers meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.




Rock Waterfall 









Mesh Safety Cover



Pacific Pools Safety Covers are designed to protect those valued investments in your life. Once installed, the Pacific Pools Safety Cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children, pets and unwanted critters and debris. Your Pacific Safety Cover is backed by a 20-year transferable warranty from the pool industries' leader for more than 45 years, Pacific Industries.




Sheer Waterfall



Enjoy the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. There is something very special about falling water. The sound soothes us. From shimmering sheet to tumbling cascade, a Jandy waterfall will bring your pool to life. Now you can add this fluid beauty to any new pool or spa or when it's time to build or update your backyard paradise.